I saw a youtube clip of John Oliver on his show where he comes up with a new church called “Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption” after his experience with American televangelists who just straight up ask people for money so they can buy private jets and be baller. It’s the age old satire on religion as farce and tax evasion scheme. It’s also sadly, completely true.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, a pastor and his accomplices of the largest church in the country have just been found guilty of all charges in regards to misappropriating church funds and falsifying accounts. Whilst this religious leader fleecing ignorant believers bullshit has been going on since whenever, this is the first time in recorded history that the funds have been used to derail humanity.

A man fools 33000 idiots into giving his church money so that he can spend money to enable his wife’s career in LA. This went as far as paying Wyclef Jean to give a Chinese woman credibility that she somehow developed a Patois overnight and as the dutiful wife of a pastor, is now known as a Geisha.

Let’s not talk about the audacity of a so called man of god to rip good people off. Let’s talk about the real issue, which is the fact that the money ended up destroying many many people’s hearts, minds, souls and ears most of all, in producing some of the worst “music” in existence ever. Sun Ho’s “music” is fucking bad. It’s not on the level of The Shaggs or Kevin Federline shittiness. It’s just straight shit. It’s the very definition of evil.

From the racial stereotyping and inaccuracies to the ridiculous conflation of Jamaican steez with a yellow woman as being “of the moment”, it’s a fucking farce and a bunch of morons paid for this abomination to happen. In the ode to alcohol, “China Wine”, Sun Ho talks about dancing her problems away whilst repeatedly saying china wine whilst Wyclef Jean and some other dudes do their best to give a shit and literally drop a turd of a track. I suppose it must have inspired “Mr. Bill”, where Sun Ho plays a woman clearly dissatisfied with her partner and considers the option of murder. The lines, “Every morning, he wakes up for breakfast. I’m still yawning, he don’t care if I’m restless.” or “You want me to wash and clean, you want me to scrub and mop. I’m sitting on the side of the bed contemplating should I send him to the cemetery rock.” suggest her desire for emancipation but also hint at a much darker and sinister personality.

But that’s not all. Despite the fact that the guilty verdict has been declared, there are plenty while still cling onto some vestige of faith in the same people. Or perhaps they’ve discarded these black sheep, never mind that they were leaders. Anything to hold on to their own illusion of faith and belief. It’s crumbling all around and still, people are fucking stupid enough to persist. Wake the fuck up yo. You got fucking played. Quit whining like a bitch and give up the (holy) ghost. Or do you mean to tell me that “China Wine” was worth it?

This is pure evil.