Aziz Ansari’s new sitcom for Netflix, Master Of None, is really just an extension of some of his existing material in his standups but that’s a good thing. It’s very 2015 for lack of a better description. There’s cool music, the ideas are left and progressive, some of the humour is just ridiculously inane and some of it particularly relatable. For me anyway, an Asian dude living in a white country.

Speaking of ethnicity, one of the episodes deals with the issue that you could never have a show with two Indian guys on it because that’s not what the demographic wants to see, it just becomes an Indian show instead of something that could be awesome. It’d just get stereotyped. And whilst MoN has got more than one Indian guy, it is also keenly self aware that the 4 leads are an Indian guy, a Chinese guy, a white guy and a black lesbian. Two in one on that last one. REPRESENT.

Anyway, what I really wanted to get at was this scene where Aziz talks to Rachel about first and second bands and Rachel was like Johnny Cash and Pavement. Aziz was like, no way, that’s too cool to be true. His was the soundtrack to Beauty and the Beast and Vanilla Ice’s To The Extreme.

This got me to thinking about my first album. My first LP on my hand me down walkman was, like Aziz, a soundtrack. Back To The Future from way back in ’85. My favourite track was Johnny B. Goode. My second LP was… I can’t even fucking remember what my second LP was but pretty sure it wasn’t anything cool. Oh maybe Duran Duran and then later Take That.

Gotta say, if I had a sitcom and I had to come up with music, I don’t think I’d get 10% as good as what MoN achieved. Beach House reps the show’s title, there’s fuckin’ Serge Gainsbourg, there’s Aphex Twin, there’s Toto, there’s Mark Morrison, there’s Pete Rock & CL Smooth, there’s William Onyeabor, Emmylou Harris, The Cure… you get the picture.

There’s just so much good music out there. Like there’s so many good things out there. Like if you started life knowing you’d only ever listen to 12841 albums in your entire life… You have to start picking but then you’d spend time picking and waste your life. So, just listen I guess and try to avoid stuff I don’t really like. And get into jazz again. Get into that Ornette Coleman thing.

Also, Lena Waithe is really wise and Lynn Cohen is really cool.