Hi, my name is Ivan and I’m a chef. I’m also a food evangelist. All the time I’ve dedicated in the kitchen, toiling away at hot stoves and ovens has led me on this path today, where I’ve just discovered an incredible new food and I’m about to share it with you right here, right now. It’s a food so nutrient dense and good for you that you wouldn’t be able to believe it was true. You’d think I’d be lying because, how could something so incredibly life changing actually exist? Nevermind that it’s even cheap and easy to prepare! Mind blowing indeed.

It’s something that was cultivated since ancient times in the Niger river delta but what’s really interesting is how good it tastes. It’s the first superfood I’ve had that I didn’t stop to think, well I need to work on this. No it’s just perfect by itself and it’s so simple to prepare that anyone could do it.

And you know what? I’m going to share that incredible secret with you. When I first realised what I had worked on, I was overwhelmed. This was it. It was the holy grail. It will bring us salvation and it’s name, is Oryza.

I know what you’re thinking. But… what is Oryza? Oryza is available in a few forms, the two most common being Oryza sativa and Oryza glaberrima. The former is more suitable for pregnant women and children or the elderly because it’s got a less complex structure and is easier to digest. Both strains are still incredibly amazing because Oryza is an ancient grain that has been known in the past as a cure-all because of how MANY benefits it has but not only that, it’s also incredibly delicious, which is not something you can say for so many other so-called superfoods. This is the real deal, it’s the be all and end all and big business won’t tell you about it because it’s too good to be true.

But that’s exactly what it is. Not only is oryza sustainable and biodynamically produced, it’s a greenhouse gas diffuser and encourages ecodiversity in the natural environment. Not to mention the fact that it’s inexpensive. Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, can get on the health train today. The major food producers know about Oryza and how amazing it is but they can’t make much money at all so they’d rather sell you things like spelt or farro instead and keep Oryza on the DL. I’m here to blow that spot up for good because in my personal experience and in my work and my passion, I’ve found that it’s too incredible to keep under wraps.

My friends and family have already started to enjoy the benefits and sublime taste that is oryza. I’ve made them oryza pilaf, oryza puddings, wok fried oryza, oryza salad, oryza dumplings. I’ve served it with raw fish and also, my personal favourite, with 72 hour 65 degree poached chicken. The flavour is incredible. I’ve made a “flour” by grinding oryza and making into noodles and pasta and wontons. I’ve macro-fermented it and used it in marinades, pastes and sauces. It’s gluten and allergen free. It’s virtually fat free and any fat is the good food essential for our bodies. It’s low sodium and high peptide. It’s macrobiotic. It’s probiotic. It’s neodynamic. It’s incredible and there’s so much stuff I want to write but I’ve got to keep it restrained or I’d be publishing my thesis paper on the subject right here!

It’s reduced the chance of cancer for so many people in controlled tests. We did a chemical component breakdown and were just shocked at what we found. It’s packed full of so many essential vitamins and minerals and also the incredibly rare nutrients, lutein and zeaxanthin, crucial for brain development and liver function. Most intriguingly, it also contains Panthothenic Acid, which helps synthesize coenzyme A in proteins, something that nothing else on earth does, making it essential in aiding our digestion because coenzyme A is better known in the health industry as “skin glow” because that’s what it does. It makes your skin literally glow. Seriously.

So at this point, I’m sure you’re thinking to yourself, “Ivan, where can I get this amazingness?”. Well fret no longer because I will tell everyone now. For the low, low price of $9.99 (subject to conditions and approval listed), you too can jump on this right now and see a newer, slimmer, healthier, sexier and more satisfied you. I’ll personally send you 1 kilogram of vacuum packed oryza along with a book chockfull of my recipes and philosophy. But don’t listen to me because honestly, if you’ve had one bite of oryza after following the incredible recipes listed in my book, you’ll know that it just sells itself. Your tastebuds can thank me later.

Did I mention it’s also easy? It’s a no brainer. You just add water and voila, it’s done. No messing about. So simple and so delicious even my kids have picked up how to prepare oryza. Everything, all 365 recipes, one for each day of the year is contained in a well organised book with glossary and simple, delicious, effective and healthy recipes. The methods are simple and you know what, I even provide email support. Yes, you can email me your queries if you need any help at all or even if you’re just slightly curious. And that support is provided gratis, free even if you’re not convinced by the low price and the high value ratio. Absolutely free because I believe one good deed begets another and this is the mother of all good deeds.

If you do have any questions, do email me with them and any other comments you may have along with your bank details to winning@life.com. Don’t hesitate because your life could change irrevocably.